Gaz on vocals Andy on guitar Ben on drums

Gaz on keyboards and lead vocals

Pete on bass guitar and backing vocals

Andy on lead guitar and
backing vocals

Ben on drums



The Band

Gaz - is the keyboard player and lead vocalist in the band. Gaz has a degree in performing arts and has performed all over the country! Originally from York, our man has lived 'down south' for about 8 years now but has not lost his accent or taste for Yorkshire puddings (and gravy, of course).

Pete & Andy - you guessed right and are not seeing double! We have twins (our very own Proclaimers) in the band! Pete and Andy are from Perth in Scotland and have been in London for around 10 years. They have both played in originals bands (together...of course) and a successful wedding band in Scotland.

Ben - the drummer, is the newest member of Plush Monkey and a mystical wizard of rhythm! He also plays in an originals band '23frames' and, as well as drums, guitar and double bass....even plays violin in an orchestra! Ben is from South East London.


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